Angie Cano for the SAUSD School Board

Angie Cano



Angie Cano graduated from the University of California, Irvine with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics, Political Science and Spanish Literature. An Orange County native, Angie lives in Santa Ana and currently serves in the community Redevelopment and housing commission 

I’m an Orange County native raised by immigrant parents. I attended and graduated from the Santa Ana Unified School District. Like many students, I felt the frustration of being an English-as-Second-Language learner. However, my parents’ commitment and Santa Ana teacher support gave me the opportunity to graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics, Political Science, and Spanish Literature.

I have experience in raising funds for charities, scholarships, and schools. I have worked alongside Santa Ana Unified School District students, families, and businessowners. As a city commissioner, I collaborate with non-profits to improve the quality of life for Santa Ana residents. As former President of my Neighborhood Association I collaborated with city staff and local schools to find solutions to the needs of our neighborhood. When elected to the Santa Ana Unified School District, I will:

  • Increase public safety resources;
  • Support and increase school choice for parents;
  • Protect taxpayers;
  • Support great teachers;
  • Allocate funds for quality after-school tutoring and sports; and Increase the number of students who graduate from high school, complete their four-year college degrees and can be competitive when entering the workforce.

My commitment is to ensure every student has access to excellent and safe schools. Together we can improve the quality of education for all students. E-mail me at